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Kyle Howlin

Liquid Lean: Developing Lean Culture in the Process Industries
Walt Miller , Director of Operation Excellence
Cummins Mid-Range Engine Plant

People – A Leader’s Day-to-Day Guide to Building, Managing and Sustaining a Lean Organization:
Walt will share the learning from his experiences working and developing people to support the improvement process. He will discuss the value in creating a daily “Leaders Standardized Work” plan and what is required for successful execution of the plan. He will also reflect on what went well and what didn’t go quite as well and discuss the power of the daily Reflection phase of improving as a leader. Learn how to the development of leaders and leader standard work routines up and down the organization provide keys to successful implementation.

Walt Miller is the Director of Operation Excellence at Cummins Mid-Range Engine Plant where he has worked for 11 years as a continuous improvement leader and coach at all levels of the organization. At the senior leader level, Walt has assisted in the development of a corporate strategy and the training and implementation of operational excellence. At the middle manager level he has developed the problem-solving skills of front line supervisors and team coordinators to help drive improvements. Over the last 20 years, Walt has held front-line management positions as well as senior level management positions, including Material Manager, Operation Manager, Plant Manager and General Manager within manufacturing and supply chain settings.

Walt is the co-author of, People: A Leader’s day-to-day Guide to Building, Managing, and Sustaining Lean Organizations, which has been awarded The Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award, the board’s recommendation stating; “You have joined a distinguished group of recipients who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting Operational Excellence through published works and we are proud to add you to that elite group.” - Board of Shingo Operational Excellence

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